More Than Meets the Eye in “Women in the Pit”

Wayn DeHart, Byron Jacquet, Jason Carmichael, James West

by Robert Ross

The Ensemble Theatre 2014-2015 season opener, Women in the Pit, has been met with the assumption that “Pit” is referring to Women in the Pulpit. Playwright Joyce Sylvester made it clear this show offers more than what appears obvious.

“Pit” references to the divide women face in the workforce, in their families, andLisa Thomas-Morrison and Rachel Hemphill Dicksoninternally as they strive to find balance in situations less than ideal for anyone to find equal footing. While Women in the Pit neither takes a stance for nor against female leadership in the church, it uses church politics as a platform to pose the question for the audience to decide. Audiences will see there is more than a divide in the church; there’s a divide between a woman and her faith, a divide between a woman and her family, a divide between a woman and her past, and a divide over how to conquer the divide.

James West, Jo Anne Davis-Jones, Jason CarmichaelInspiration in this play ultimately comes in the form of truths being revealed and courageously faced with conviction.


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