A NEw BEginning for BEginning Actors – Intro to Acting

Brod J and Beginning Actor
Brod J and Beginning Actor

The beginner’s acting class began January 28th, 2013 and will run until March 11th, 2013.  Taking place inside the The Ensemble auditorium, it has been jam-packed with a wealth of basic knowledge about the theatre.  Broderick Jones, aka “Brod J”, delivers a premium package of academics as he teaches about the great Thespis, the first known actor according to Greek antiquity; and limelight, the main ingredient inside candles when candles were used to illuminate the stage and actors. Hence the phrase, “step into the limelight”.  He includes theatre dynamics, teaching about the three types of stages – presidium, where the stage faces the audience; a thrust, a catwalk stage; and an arena, where the audience surrounds the entire stage. Brod J runs through a grocery list of general theatre vocabulary, which will be up to the student to master; before he transitions the class into acting scenarios.  This is where the fun begins.

His class is given a reading to orate once.  After that, Brod J throws a twist to draw out feelings and characteristics from inside the student, the likes of which has probably never been experienced by the beginning actor. If the student is reserved and timid, Brod J will say, “Ok, now give me ghetto attitudinal, and I need to hear you at the back of the theatre.”  His teaching method proves effective as he gives the right mixture of pressure and flexibility to get his class to project.  Brod J instructs the student to run in place while reciting the ABC’s.  By the time the actor is finished jogging, her breath is so heavy, that all she can do is project while she reads her lines.

It’s amazing to watch Brod J is his natural element.  He is a true actor and a profound acting coach.  No experience is necessary to join his class.  Keep The Ensemble Theatre’s Beginning Actors class on your radar for upcoming classes http://www.ensemblehouston.com/programs/workshops