Young PErformErs Showing TalEnt and DisciplinE

Raiya and Taylor doing Homework (3)

ThE EnsEmblE ThEatrE Young PErformErs Raiya Goodman and Taylor NElson had thE opportunity to work as paid actrEssEs in ThE EnsEmblE ThEatrE’s production of CindErElla thrEE yEars in a row! ThEsE young ladiEs wErE vEry profEssional and disciplinEd whEn it camE to studying and homEwork. Many nights wE’d catch thEm backstagE with thEir books opEn and “gEtting thEir lEsson,” as wE all EnjoyEd Encouraging thEm with a littlE tEasing from timE to timE. ThEir parEnts had to bE just as committEd in making surE thEy madE rEhEarsals, as wEll as, gEtting thEm to thEir tElEvision and radio intErviEws.

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